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Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Good, The Bad and The Neutral Flowers


You touch my eyes to see you, everything is ruins coming from my life. 
You give me more life changing what I was, before I wonder.
What a wonderful life, I have it and I found it on you.
You shine day by day and smile all the time I looked.

Peace is on me when you place me by your side.
Let the day come and night end, wake me up upon by your hand.
You choose me all the time, and you care ma always when I need care.
You always lay your hand and bring me always joy in all the time.

You let me to kiss you where ever I want, your heart is mine.
You let me see your life and talked every time, about what was wrong.
Whisper me the words that I really like to hear.
Watching me always when I fall asleep.

You give me your life, and you give me your heart.
You give me all what you have, but mine I don't have.
Your sadness and mine are happiness and joy.
You not care you selves but mine always.

You will always wish to be that I was yours.
And exchange on that I will give what I have.
I will share always what I have in my life
I'm your and I will yours for ever and ever amen.


I thought you will be mine, I care you always in my mine.
Thinking that every time you will be there, is true and kind.
Wishing that your hope as what I hoping.
Sharing all what I have in mine.

The day when I need you, you were not there.
You always excuse when you explain.
I sing to you, and you sang to them.
I explain well and you question not well.

I wonder what was wrong to you my friend.
I'm with you but your not with me.
I call you but you not answering, and hard to find.
Where was you? when I need you?

The time when I need you, Time you not came.
The time you need me, I bare you and I was there for you.
I care you always and you care I don't know.
What was call friends for?

Let this things end, and accept what was for me and yours.
Be the true and I will let you go.
Who are you? Why your here? and what is all about for you?
Wish you find for you and I will find for good as for me.


A time has come and need to come.
Let start what we need to start.
Bring what we have, and show all I have.
Together were one and strong one will shown.

I can be your shadow and you will be my strength.
Once will join everything will find and surely pure.
Nothing impossible with you and me are easy to come.
Be with you and I'll be with you.

Call me anytime and I came every time.
The time when you need me, as well I came.
No need you to worry cause I will with you.
even the most strong wave coming from the sea, no can hinder.

Just to remind you that I was your shadow in the night and umbrella in the light.
The two of us can be strong and no one can be destructed.
Let this partner be long live, until the air gone.
were the most hard iron that ever had.

Like the special gold that no one can be found.
A shining gem that no one can be seen.
Crystal that never can touch and lift.
That's that power of two, like you and me.

I'm for you, and wish you for me.
hold me all the time, same as what you do.
Watch me because I looked you no matter what.
It's just you and me all the time. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015


Happy Mother's Day to you Mom, A very special day to you! our world celebrating for you to be a great Mother on earth. who care always to the family in each dealing for a new day. Mom your the most and special things given to the God for me. You will always there that the time when I get pain and loneliness. You were comfort me during the sadness day in my life. A care that I've never seen from the other people. You defend me from the people who make me angry, you dressed me from nothing, your the best teacher that I ever had. Teaching me in a good way in how to deal people for being restless.

A Mother who willing sacrifice her self no matter what if anything happened to me. Always to the rescue when I got sick and lots problems come to my life. My always senders of my expression from being of stress. A mother who always thinking what happened to me now. She doesn't matter what life do we have now, all she want is that my life will be ok and in a good way. She's my true best-friends a long live best-friend that she always hear me and listening me when I need to have an expression for my life problems.

Wish you good life mother and stay long here in earth and may you always come when I need you. I will thank you for what you've done to me, for the things that I learn from you. To bring me today since I was born and knowing what world do we have now. My life would be rounding you always, I well repay you for those things you given to me and I do anything to make your life happy, I will care you during and time when you need to care. I will do anything just to care you back for what you do to me before. I love you mom a hundred time I love you for you mom.

Mom no matter what I'll be here for you! your the most beautiful girl that I ever had a beautiful mother in all times. I don't mind what other people say to you now, but one thing that I need to do is to give your happiness in your life. Mom I'll always pray for you now even were in too far from each other, I always remember you and ask to God to care you when I was not there. Mom I'll come soon to bring for your happiness and giving you what ever you want, I love you so much Mama Rovicta.

Love you so much Mom

Friday, May 8, 2015


The beauty of nature which grab you to look upon them!

We were having a plan community service to organized a Tree planting at Mount Balatukan. A place were having trouble now because of those people who cut lots of trees in a particular area. We as a Youth Organizer together the Parish Priest and other NGO's were getting united. for the good reason which is to plan trees. And we are proud to be that there are so many people who willing to join us for that reason. So we held and planning for a big services to create time and day for what is good for it. We decided and create 3 day's for that fun run.

Mount Balatokan was a beautiful place were part of Balingasag Misamis Oriental a Higher Mountain in all to that place. It has a huge lake rounding to the mountain, that when it takes huge rain it sometimes flows down like Floods and coming to community areas. which down below are lots of people who live and it's call a huge community that people really worry for the lost of lots trees doing by those some Businessman who not care to the people who live near at that Mountain. We are requesting to the government to watch and guard to that Mountain for those people who wanted to cut trees. But they will never hear our request, so we decide to watch and guard by our own.

We know, that it is hard to do a job like this. But were good and ok for that. We the Youth providing to defend the land from people who want to lost in all. We are asked some good people for the donation for the daily needs who watch and guard to the particular placed. Were happy because some people are willing to help and understand to the situation.

Our plan for the Tree Planting Fun run is on June 1 to June 3, 2015. Three days for that work into that Mount Balatokan. We hope that may the God upon us and bring us more people to help. A cause to save lots of people who live near at Maout Balatokan Mountain. Right now we make some Invitation and finding for an sponsors for the funrun. Wish that all are good and we will be success in our work. because we care always to the nature, for people who need help were always here to help.

Thursday, May 7, 2015


During our Boy-scout Campaign I take pictures using my Canon that I bring attention to this one. So I take this, A beautiful flowers at mountain of Lantad Misamis Oriental.

We've been campaign to a remote area at Lantad, and I saw this flowers, It's quite nice and beautiful I get my attention to this one. so I shoot this flowers for my remembrance that I was been there. Because that place hard to get in, alot of rumors about that place that there was a war saw, there alot of Pilipino rebels who camp near on that particular place, they were barbarian who kill no mercy. so during that Campaign we were so lucky to did not get any happening to us. and we think that rebels know about us that we were coming to that place, but they let us to came and having a campaign together with the student with a Parish Priest.

That remote are are so cold and full of big trees, and hills everywhere. hard to climb up, and we saw some wild animals like snake, boar, cat cattle and etc. but nothing to worry because they never attack us. we already warn us to the Barangay officcial (Barangay who run remote places in Philippines like Lantad area, a small government but under to the Philippines Government) That we don't touch anything what we see inside that mountain. Because it take bad to us when we touch something. So we told to all who with us in Campaign to do nothing, just make is self go around and do camp. for a mission like Boy-scout for the school.

We saw some people there at it was good and hospitality, there girls are so beautiful and kind, they take care of us like a visitors and they teach us to their culture, and also we share what we have. We gave some material that they really need like cement for their house and some materials. And what a lucky, because that day Lantad was celebrating their Barangay Fiesta!. so people of Lantad accommodating us in good. we enjoy a lot, same to the student, were counted at 100 people to camp there. including Father Rickets who were lead us.

Father Rickets was held a prayer Mass on there and teaching some techniques for new generation farmers today. A lot of people who enjoy during our visiting that place because it just few people who came there and stay long like us. We interview some people there that they were a member of Rebels an active one. but they said they will never touch us. said that they are good soldier and don't like bad people they don't touch who not evolve their war.

A day when we go going back to our home, that we really enjoy during the day, we meeting lots new people there and knowing that they were people who lived in that place. after all when we came to our home having a campaign we heard one day past war was starting on that particular place. war between rebels and government, we really care about what happened to those people we've meet during that day! we hope and pray that they were safe about those not include to that war. Please God help them.