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Saturday, May 9, 2015


Happy Mother's Day to you Mom, A very special day to you! our world celebrating for you to be a great Mother on earth. who care always to the family in each dealing for a new day. Mom your the most and special things given to the God for me. You will always there that the time when I get pain and loneliness. You were comfort me during the sadness day in my life. A care that I've never seen from the other people. You defend me from the people who make me angry, you dressed me from nothing, your the best teacher that I ever had. Teaching me in a good way in how to deal people for being restless.

A Mother who willing sacrifice her self no matter what if anything happened to me. Always to the rescue when I got sick and lots problems come to my life. My always senders of my expression from being of stress. A mother who always thinking what happened to me now. She doesn't matter what life do we have now, all she want is that my life will be ok and in a good way. She's my true best-friends a long live best-friend that she always hear me and listening me when I need to have an expression for my life problems.

Wish you good life mother and stay long here in earth and may you always come when I need you. I will thank you for what you've done to me, for the things that I learn from you. To bring me today since I was born and knowing what world do we have now. My life would be rounding you always, I well repay you for those things you given to me and I do anything to make your life happy, I will care you during and time when you need to care. I will do anything just to care you back for what you do to me before. I love you mom a hundred time I love you for you mom.

Mom no matter what I'll be here for you! your the most beautiful girl that I ever had a beautiful mother in all times. I don't mind what other people say to you now, but one thing that I need to do is to give your happiness in your life. Mom I'll always pray for you now even were in too far from each other, I always remember you and ask to God to care you when I was not there. Mom I'll come soon to bring for your happiness and giving you what ever you want, I love you so much Mama Rovicta.

Love you so much Mom

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