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Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Good, The Bad and The Neutral Flowers


You touch my eyes to see you, everything is ruins coming from my life. 
You give me more life changing what I was, before I wonder.
What a wonderful life, I have it and I found it on you.
You shine day by day and smile all the time I looked.

Peace is on me when you place me by your side.
Let the day come and night end, wake me up upon by your hand.
You choose me all the time, and you care ma always when I need care.
You always lay your hand and bring me always joy in all the time.

You let me to kiss you where ever I want, your heart is mine.
You let me see your life and talked every time, about what was wrong.
Whisper me the words that I really like to hear.
Watching me always when I fall asleep.

You give me your life, and you give me your heart.
You give me all what you have, but mine I don't have.
Your sadness and mine are happiness and joy.
You not care you selves but mine always.

You will always wish to be that I was yours.
And exchange on that I will give what I have.
I will share always what I have in my life
I'm your and I will yours for ever and ever amen.


I thought you will be mine, I care you always in my mine.
Thinking that every time you will be there, is true and kind.
Wishing that your hope as what I hoping.
Sharing all what I have in mine.

The day when I need you, you were not there.
You always excuse when you explain.
I sing to you, and you sang to them.
I explain well and you question not well.

I wonder what was wrong to you my friend.
I'm with you but your not with me.
I call you but you not answering, and hard to find.
Where was you? when I need you?

The time when I need you, Time you not came.
The time you need me, I bare you and I was there for you.
I care you always and you care I don't know.
What was call friends for?

Let this things end, and accept what was for me and yours.
Be the true and I will let you go.
Who are you? Why your here? and what is all about for you?
Wish you find for you and I will find for good as for me.


A time has come and need to come.
Let start what we need to start.
Bring what we have, and show all I have.
Together were one and strong one will shown.

I can be your shadow and you will be my strength.
Once will join everything will find and surely pure.
Nothing impossible with you and me are easy to come.
Be with you and I'll be with you.

Call me anytime and I came every time.
The time when you need me, as well I came.
No need you to worry cause I will with you.
even the most strong wave coming from the sea, no can hinder.

Just to remind you that I was your shadow in the night and umbrella in the light.
The two of us can be strong and no one can be destructed.
Let this partner be long live, until the air gone.
were the most hard iron that ever had.

Like the special gold that no one can be found.
A shining gem that no one can be seen.
Crystal that never can touch and lift.
That's that power of two, like you and me.

I'm for you, and wish you for me.
hold me all the time, same as what you do.
Watch me because I looked you no matter what.
It's just you and me all the time. 

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