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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Just a Flower

Flower for you

Beauty of beauty can take you what a wonderful day and night grabbing from a great dream were you gonna be. Awesome-fullness for a rich morning peace with your face while you smile in all the time. Abducting you to a joy with no care what world do you have to. Lets make you a wonderful life that you have and wish to be long life. A life without sadness and bad things will free and all the good things get well, A life you have in all day and night that no one will grab and disturbed you from what you thinking of. Have a nice day to you!

Don't make me awake from the joy what I have as for now, let me try long in this situation. Guard me that no one will awake me from where I've been I just want to test what things I did not try before. Is this call joy to the life? I mean it but I didn't have it. Let soul smile and fun in all time with no one sighting what I doing. let the time freeze into a thousand hours in every seconds the short clock runs. let the day won't fall to night and let the people not to dare me to look where I stand it. I want to have the things that people no one ever in this world before nor discover or predicted. Let that things be blank space about what I really want and What I really have.